DJ-MegaMenu is perfect for you if you need to:

  • create responsive and mobile optimized menu,
  • display modules in the menu,
  • customize colors without knowing much about CSS,
  • display sticky menu with your logo,
  • show menu items with icons or subtitles,
  • use accesible menu which meets WCAG requirements.

Want to know more? Watch slideshow below to learn about available features or visit DJ-MegaMenu product page to learn more.

Check DJ-MegaMenu on your mobile device

qr code linked to dj+megamenu demo site

Once you open it on your mobile device you'll notice the DJ-MegaMenu fitting to your device.

There's also DJ-Menu used that changes to select list on mobile devices.

You can also check responsiveness of that template and extensions clicking this responsive joomla template demo link.