The ultimate Joomla Mega Menu

With DJ-MegaMenu, you can create a custom, responsive, mobile-ready, multicolumn, and accessible menu with dropdowns, off-canvas, vertical and horizontal orientation, and add rich content inside from any Joomla module.

Easily customizable
Responsive and mobile optimized
WCAG & ADA ready

Mulltiple orientation

Choose the orientation of the menu and display your mega menu where you need it

Mobile optimized

off canvas menu and touch enabled for better mobile experience

Icons and Subtitles

DJ-Megamenu allows you to display any of Bootstrap's or Font Awesome icons.

Joomla modules inside!

You can add anything to the menu; these can be custom HTML or any module you’ll find in your Joomla.

Accessible Joomla Menu

DJ-MegaMenu is fully accessible by keys on your keyboard (follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) )

Create beautiful menus

Decide how many columns, modules, icons, and effects will be used in your menu items.

Make the purchase now!

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