This layout is based on our popular DJ-ImageSlider module. It provides to display items vertically, but many album options are not applicable for this layout and it doesn't support lazy image loading. Anyway it's still better to use than DJ-ImageSlider, because of power that DJ-Mediatools gives such as image resizing and automatic fetching items from external sources. Few examples are displayed below.

2 visible images, description on the left, customise description

3 visible images, fit image size to height, customise effects

  • Chinese rivers
    Chinese rivers
  • Oldschool taxi
    Oldschool taxi
  • Miles without refuel
    Miles without refuel
  • Do you know me?
    Do you know me?
  • Phone call in India
    Phone call in India
  • Sheeps guards
    Sheeps guards
  • I'll become the man today
    I'll become the man today
  • Tulips in Nederlads
    Tulips in Nederlads
  • We don't need no education
    We don't need no education
  • Underwater world
    Underwater world
  • Celebration
  • Canadian pride
    Canadian pride
  • Afternoon at the pool
    Afternoon at the pool
  • brewing with passion
    brewing with passion
  • Buckingham protector
    Buckingham protector
  • Don't be afraid to get wet your brush
    Don't be afraid to get wet your brush
  • Donuts or chips?
    Donuts or chips?

1 visible image with fading effect, open image in picbox, customise navigation buttons

2 visible image vertically, sliding images up, customise navigation buttons and effects