Philips TV 49PUS7909 / 12

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Added: 14 June 2021
Category: TV & Home Cinema
Location: Kingsville
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State Used
Condition Good
Brand LG


Philips TV. Diagonal screen size (inch) 49 inches
4K Ultra HD LED
Screen diagonal (cm) 123 cm
Panel resolution 3840 x 2160
3D Passive 3D
Full-screen game in two-player *
2D to 3D conversion
16: 9 aspect ratio
Brightness 400 cd / m²
Pixel processing technology
Pixel Precise Ultra HD
Picture enhancement
Perfect Natural Motion Micro Dimming Pro PMR Ultra 600 Hz technology
Ultra HD resolution
The TV settles Android TV


Kingsville, Texas, United States of America
917 S 18th St
Created by
Keira Dawson (23)
4.50 ( 1 votes )

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