Nike Adidas Puma Levis Hugo Boss Shorts PREMIUM HIT QUALITY

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Advert ID: 260
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Added: 15 June 2021
Category: Trousers
Location: Washougal
$ 50 Price is negotiable 50 $

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Brand zara
Size L
For women
State New
Condition Good
Material leather


Thank you for your interest in our offer.
The subject of sale are men's shorts. Very good quality shorts made of skin-friendly material 80% cotton 20% elastane. They do not fluff after washing
Black shorts have 2 side zippered pockets and one at the back also fastened, which gives great comfort of use that nothing will fall out of the pocket. They have elastic rubber and a string to tie at the waist.
Logo on the leg and under the pocket on the back.
We guarantee product satisfaction.


Washougal, Washington, United States of America
1409 N Shepherd Rd, Washougal, Washington(WA),
Created by
Thomas Keen Jr. (12)
4.00 ( 2 votes )

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