Radio with RT4 navigation for Citroen C5 x7

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Added: 14 June 2021
Location: Lyon
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I am selling a complete radio with RT4 navigation for Citroen C5 x7
-USB cable
-Cable to Screen
- XCarLink changer emulator for Citroën (RD4 12 pin Fakra) with XCarLink Bluetooth Adapter
In good condition. Everything works as it should. Fits other models. Light abrasions on the buttons. The radio has a USB, AUX and VIDEO, JUKEBOX output, has an unlocked changer in the system and additionally has an XCarLink changer emulator
It has a Polish menu, the latest software (SW.8.31.1.R1) and the last available navigation maps (2016/2017) are loaded.


Lyon, France
77 rue de la République
Created by
Miranda Harris (20)
4.00 ( 1 votes )

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