Bmx mongoose L40 20.5

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Advert ID: 246
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Added: 15 June 2021
Category: Cycling
Location: Mercer Island
$ 80 Price is negotiable 80 $

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Skill world class
State New
Condition Good


Hello I am selling the bmx mongoose legion l40
The set includes 2 rear pegs 11cm
Practically new tires, used 4 months
At the same time, the pedals were replaced with dartmoor and grips
I invite you to a visual inspection on site
Good condition, visible slight signs of use
The price is not negotiable


Mercer Island, Washington, United States of America
S8875 SE 36th St, Mercer Island, Washington(WA),
Created by
John Doe (14)
3.67 ( 3 votes )

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